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The common side effects of OxyContin can include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness, drowsiness, stomach pain, sweating, weakness, headache, and changes in mood amongst many others. The medication guide for OxyContin highlights the fact that this drug should only be used when other non-opioid pain medicines aren't effective. This gives them more rapid and much more powerful effects than when they swallow it. Also OxyContin must not be used to treat pain that isn't constant.

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With OxyContin, the effects gradually occur over a 12-hour period. It's meant for around-the-clock pain treatment, particularly for people with severe and chronic pain. OxyContin 40mg is one of the brandnames of the opioid oxycodone. OxyContin is an extended-release version of oxycodone, to be specific. When a person speaks to their doctor about OxyContin, they should let them know of any history of substance abuse. Being transperant with your doctor can prove to be critical to the overall success of the treatment involving Oxycontin.

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Quite unfortunately though, while the extended-release element of OxyContin makes this drug very difficult to abuse, many people crush it up to snort it or inject it, and find ways to abuse it. The result is often a euphoric high and intense relaxation, but these ways of taking OxyContin can also increase the risk of serious side effects such as addiction and overdose. Due to OxyContin being a Schedule II controlled substance, you should never take more of the medicine than whats prescribed.