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1. What is ADHD and why Adderall is recommended to use

No control over your feelings, you may be testy or crabby, express dissatisfaction frequently, feel unmotivated, or be inclined to sudden emotional eruptions. ADHD can make it hard to oversee awkward feelings or follow fitting way of behaving when you're vexed. read more

2. Moderna omicron specific vaccine shows promising results

Moderna says its experimental COVID-19 vaccine, combining its original shot with protection against the Omicron variant, appears to work. Preliminary results show people given the jab experienced a higher boost in Omicron-fighting antibodies. Pfizer is also studying a combination shot. Antibodies wane over time, so it is not clear how long protection could last.

Vaccine-makers are studying updated boosters that might be offered later this year to better protect people against future coronavirus surges. Moderna's preliminary study results showed people given the combination shot experienced a higher boost in Omicron-fighting antibodies than if they just got a fourth dose of the original vaccine. read more

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